Begin Again Flower ID Bracelet -  Sterling Silver
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Begin Again Flower and Karma ID Bracelet

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Begin Again Flower and Karma ID Bracelet - The Begin Flower design is very meaningful. It represents the journey of beginning again...First, you start with a seed, then you follow your passion until you BLOOM!! This makes a wonderful gift for anyone about to start a new adventure in life or is going through a difficult time and wants to Begin Again! Perfect to celebrate any kind of graduation. A note card will be included with the explanation. This bracelet also has a very GROOVY additional Karma charm set with infinity sign links...super symbolic.The 3 different shapes represents KARMA..The center circle represents the traditional Karmic thought "What goes around,comes around!" The square shape symbolizes that "It comes from all directions...North, South, East and West!" The triangle is a reminder that "Karma is experienced in the past, present and future!" There are 2 unique designs which creates a great balance, if the bracelet rotates. there is always something wonderful on the top. It is super comfortable...please wear 24/7!! Complete your ensemble with matching pendants or earrings. This unique artisan design is exclusively available here at Heart and Soul Jewelry.

Each piece of jewelry purchased comes boxed and set in a satin traveling pouch. A complimentary polishing cloth is included to help retain it's original beauty!